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Slipsheet Overlay Benefits:

  • Leave old surface in place
  • Elimination of material disposal makes the project environmentally responsible
  • Start with stable subsurface
  • Stable subsurface will allow for optimal compaction of asphalt surface course. Optimal compaction is the single most important factor in the longevity of the tennis court surface.
  • Raising the court 6" eliminates drainage issues towards court
  • End result is a very plane tennis court playing surface.
Slipsheet Overlay Services NJ
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Slipsheet Overlay Services NJ
Scope of work:

  • Replace tennis court net post footings
  • Fill cracks
  • Install 2" x 6" pressure treated wood edging
  • Install 2" of dense graded aggregate
  • Install 2" asphalt base course
  • Install 1 " asphalt surface course

Slipsheet Overlay Services NJ

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